Session Overview:


Session 1: Water, Water, Everywhere

 Oceans, rivers, puddles, rainfall...water is all around us, but where does it come from? We will explore the water cycle and how it relates to the environment around us. Understanding water is key to our health but also for our planet's survival. This session explores the chemical structure, properties and wonder of water.  

Session 2: Water & Me

Over 50% of our body mass is water. Without water we wouldn't function...why? What happens if we don't drink enough water, what happens if we drink too much water? Understanding how to keep ourselves hydrated is essential and this session explores our very own personal relationship with water.  

Session 3: Where's Water?

Water exists in different formations and volumes and is used in different capacities with different priorities across the globe. Here we explore the geography and ecology of various bodies of water around the planet as well as the basic water cycle and how we benefit from it as a whole.  

Session 4: Can We Drink It?

Less than 5% of the planet's water is 'fresh' and as much as we may take water for granted, with the population growing and the need for water increasing it is fast becoming a global issue. This session discusses how to effectively preserve and distribute clean water. We also explore simple filtering solutions that can be used locally or on a larger scale to help developing countries. 

Session 5: H2Flow

We are all too familiar with natural disasters across the planet. As much as we need water to survive, there are occasions where too much water can result in catastrophic outcome. Similarly, not enough water is a common problem in many parts of the world. This session explores the geographical and scientific reasons leading to both extremes (flooding and drought) and we discuss the social impact on both a local and global level. 

Session 6: Wondrous Water Heroes  

It's time to put into action all we have learned in this module. Using real life scenarios, we place our water heroes in a situation where they are expected to solve problems and make decisions that could result in a sink or swim dilemma! 


10 Adventure Science Points awarded on completion of module.