Session Overview:


Session 1: Friend or Foe?

What exactly is fire? What are it's components and chemical structure?

Here we look closely at fire and fire safety. How we can make and share fire safely and what our responsibilities and best practice scenarios are surrounding emergency situations in the home including First Aid minor burns guidance. 

Session 2: Fire Skills

Focusing on small campfire scenrios and emergency heating sources we look at and create our own methods of lighting a small fire in a contained and safe environment using natural materials and resources (discouraging the use of matches!) and just as importantly, how to put a fire out quickly, efficiently and safely.

Session 3: Cold Catastrophes

Hypothermia and cold injuries are more common than we think. We help our Fire Heroes understand why our bodies need heat in certain situations and how we can quickly identify warning signs of these conditions both in ourselves and others (typically children and the elderly). We demonstrate how to treat using First Aid principles.

Session 4: The Heat is On

We enable our Fire Heroes to understand and recognise the symptoms and signs of hyperthermia and over-heating. What happens when our bodies overheat through exposure to fire or the sun or various chemicals and how to treat these conditions using First Aid principles.

Session 5: Ring of Fire

This session looks at common injuries caused by fire and how to prevent them as well as how to treat basic burns and scalds by applying immediate First Aid treatment. We provide an overview of what is required in a basic first aid kit and how to create and use your own kit .

Session 6: Friendly Fire Heroes

A concluding session for the whole module, we put our Fire Heroes in charge of some emergency role-play scenarios where they become the decision maker and will be required to work within teams to react to their given situation demonstrating what they have learnt.

10 Adventure Science Points awarded on completion of module