Foundations For Life is a series of six educational modules covering all aspects of modern day survival including health, personal safety, communication, medical emergencies and beyond. 

Each module consists of six interactive sessions that can be selected as a complete course or a 'mix and match' solution depending on time and requirements.

Each session has a direct link to the current Science curriculum and is designed to compliment classroom learning as an enrichment solution including an award programme for completion of modules.

Foundations for life - overview

Brilliant Bodies


 This module provides an insight into our own bodies. What our body is capable of and how and why it operates (or doesn't) in certain ways. Why our own body is unique and what makes it so brilliant as well as what we can do to ensure we are operating at optimum capacity!  


Wondrous Water


 Without water, our Brilliant Bodies won't work. Water is essential to our life. This module explains why we need water as well as how to source it safely. It will also cover extreme conditions and the consequences of floods and droughts. 

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Fabulous Food


 This module provides an introduction to food as fuel. What and why we eat the way we do. how to find food in an emergency using foraging skills as well as covering modern day issues of too much food Vs too little food - feast and famine. 

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Clever Cover


 What is home and why is it so important to be able to call somewhere 'home'? This module explores this concept as well as the importance  of finding shelter. It provides an opportunity to explore the world around us and the consequences of homelessness.  

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Friendly Fires


 Many people fear fire and accidents happen because they experiment in an uncontrolled and unsafe manner. This module provides a basis of fire safety, how to light fires and how to put them out. It will also include an introduction to what happens when we get too hot / too cold as well as basic First Aid applications. 

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Cracking Comms


 Personal safety is the most important element in modern life. This module provides an introduction to communication both verbally and non-verbally. It covers safe communication in all aspects including online. It also includes and introduction to navigation and what to do when we're physically lost. 

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