Introductory bespoke sessions

If you are new to Adventure Science and maybe not entirely ready to commit to a whole programme, then we offer 'taster' sessions tailored to your requirements, timetable constraints and/or budget.

One hour rotation sessions (one day)

These sessions are ideal for a school who are unable to commit to more than an hour per class in one day.

We deliver an hour long interactive programme covering an overview of Adventure Science principles that include survival scenarios, personal safety, anatomy, communication skills and Basic First Aid.

Minimum amount of groups: 3

Maximum amount of groups: 6

Total duration of sessions: one day

Maximum per group: 30

Cost: Please contact 

Half Day Introductory Session

Our half day sessions cater for schools and groups that  are looking for a condensed version of one of the Foundations for Life sessions, or even a bespoke package based around a mix of any sessions of your choice. We have the flexibility to build and create based on current curriculum requirements.

Maximum amount of groups: 1

Total Duration of session: 3 hours

Maximum per group: dependent (average is 20-50)

Cost: Please contact

Full Day Introductory Session

Adventure Science In a Day is designed to deliver a comprehensive overview of a complete module of choice from the Foundations for Life programme.

Participants will spend the whole day  taking part in activities relevant to your specific chosen topics and leave having completed and experienced a whole Adventure Science module.

Maximum amount of groups: 1

Total Duration of session: 5 hours (1 day)

Maximum per group: TBD

Cost: Please contact