Session Overview


Session 1: Help, I need Somebody!

Looking at scenarios where we would require the emergency services both at home and out and about, what we can do as immediate response ourselves in the event of a small or larger scale situation and how best to provide a basis for personal safety before helping others in need.

Session 2: More Than Words

Sometimes talking is not the answer...communication is key but what happens in instances where we are unable to communicate verbally? Here we look at alternative non-verbal methods and various styles of traditional and more modern communication from morse code to social media. We explore the benefits of languages and have fun creating and testing our own communication skills.

Session 3: Virtuall-eSafe

We look at the importance of online safety outlining the risks and dangers involved when we use the internet for gaming, banking, web browsing etc. An interactive session that incorporates an overview of privacy laws within the media looking at various incidents of hacking as examples and highlighting the importance of password protection.

Session 4: Sociall-eSafe

Social media is the most common means of communication today. This session explores the dangers and risks as well as the benefits involved in communication and having social media accounts. We also investigate the increasing rate of cyber-bullying and what constitutes being involved.

In addition we explore the new phenomena of Celebrity YouTubing and streaming, with the opportunity of creating our own media reels in a fun and safe environment

Session 5: A2B Navigation

When we are lost, how do we get 'un-lost'? Here we learn about traditional and modern methods of navigation and exploration. How to get from A to B in a safe and efficient manner as well as how to safely navigate someone else out of trouble. Using Maps, atlases, co-ordinates and compasses as well as multi-media solutions, this session will involve team building exercises and result in our Cracking Comms heroes being expert navigators!

Session 6: Cracking Comms Heroes

Decision making time! This final session enables our heroes to explore a variety of scenarios using what they have learnt in this module and demonstrating their knowledge of all things communication -related to solve problems and navigate their team quickly and safely out of trouble. 

10 Adventure Science Points awarded on completion of module