Session Overview:


Session 1: Home Sweet Home

What is shelter? Is it just a roof over our heads? What do we need it for? what makes a house a home? This session covers the basic understanding of the need to seek cover and the potential social consequences of not having a permanent abode. As well as tips on how to find or create shelter in emergency situations. 

Session 2: Shelter Building (pt.1)

Putting knowledge into practise, we physically start building our own shelters using materials and properties available. Together we define what makes a good shelter, looking at design, functionality and longevity - a great team-buidling session.

Session 3: Shelter Building (pt.2)

Continuing on from Session 3, we explore different materials as well as looking at alternative solutions and what happens to our priorities when we are placed in extreme conditions. Do we need to alter or modify our shelter for the Arctic or for the Amazon?

Session 4: Nowhere to Live (Pt.1)

We investigate and discuss the social aspects and consequences of not having a home in more depth. Exploring the causes and effects of homelessness in the UK and what we can do as individuals to address and help combat homelessness including helping those in need the best way we can.

Session 5: Nowhere to Live (pt.2)

We examine the global effects of homelessness. Looking at social policy concerns surrounding refugees, the problems that affect them as individuals as well as larger scale issues that the situation can potentially create or impose on the population, specifically including medical concerns. 

Session 6: Clever Cover Heroes

An opportunity to put everything into practise. This session involves leadership skills and team development activity in an interactive, problem solving event where we look at various scenarios and pitch teams to solve dilemmas provided!

10 Adventure Science Points awarded on completion of module.