Session Overview


Session 1: Healthy Hearts

 This session demonstrates how amazing our hearts really are and provides an insight into the world of cardiology. We explore how and why our heart rate increases and decreases, the factors that control it and how we can look after it as well as what can go wrong.  

Session 2: Lovely Lungs 

Using simple technology and interactive CPR demonstrations, we show you how our lungs work (in conjunction with the heart) and why its so important to keep our oxygen levels constant. We simplify every day questions such as: Why does our heart 'pound' when we are scared? Why do we get short of breath? What causes a panic attack? What causes asthma? 

Session 3: Busy Brains

 In a world of ever developing technology, we already posses the most intelligent  gadget known - our Brain! We look at this brilliant computer and investigate how we can best make it work for us via brain training and improving muscle memory. We also demonstrate the fundamental importance of head injury prevention looking at various sports helmets and recognising the early warning signs of brain injury.

Session 4: Boggling Blood

Our very own internal transport system! Blood keeps our body supplied with everything it needs. We study our blood flow system and investigate why we need it and how it's created. The importance of keeping it clean and what happens when we bleed or clot. We also demonstrate some basic First Aid principles.   

Session 5: Marvelous Medicine

 Sometimes our bodies need help to keep working. This session explores our understanding of drugs and medicines. Why do we take medication, how they work and the potential effects (beneficial and harmful). An overall, interactive 'Ask the Doctor' open surgery session (questions can be prepared in advance and can be addressed anonymously).

Session 6: Brilliant Bodies Heroes

 This final session brings together the learnings of all the previous five sessions and looks at our body as a whole. How best to protect it, what we need to fuel it, what we do if it goes wrong. It includes a recap of first aid scenarios using simple first aid skills creating our Brilliant Bodies heroes!

10 Adventure Science Points awarded on completion of module.