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"It's better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it"

WHAT IS Adventure Science?

Using the core scientific principles of everyday life, we provide advanced and sustainable survival skills for all ages in a fun, interactive and credible environment.

Combining education, adventure and leadership training, we deliver bespoke programmes for schools and businesses throughout the 'Foundations For Life' programme.

Foundations for Life 

FFL is a series of six educational modules covering all aspects of modern day survival including health, personal safety, communication, medical emergencies and beyond. 

Each module consists of six interactive sessions that can be selected as a complete course or a 'mix and match' solution depending on time and requirements.

Each session has a direct link to the current Science curriculum and is designed to compliment classroom learning as an enrichment solution including an award programme for completion of modules.

Foundations for Life -Overview

Brilliant Bodies

This module provides an insight into our own bodies. What our body is capable of and how and why it operates (or doesn't) in certain ways. Why our own body is unique and what makes it so brilliant as well as what we can do to ensure we are operating at optimum capacity! 

Wondrous Water

Without water, our Brilliant Bodies won't work. Water is essential to our life. This module explains why we need water as well as how to source it safely. It will also cover extreme conditions and the consequences of floods and droughts.

Fabulous Food

This module provides an introduction to food as fuel. What and why we eat the way we do. how to find food in an emergency using foraging skills as well as covering modern day issues of too much food Vs too little food - feast and famine.

Clever Cover

What is home and why is it so important to be able to call somewhere 'home'? This module explores this concept as well as the importance  of finding shelter. It provides an opportunity to explore the world around us and the consequences of homelessness. 

Friendly Fires

Many people fear fire and accidents happen because they experiment in an uncontrolled and unsafe manner. This module provides a basis of fire safety, how to light fires and how to put them out. It will also include an introduction to what happens when we get too hot / too cold as well as basic First Aid applications.

Cracking Comms

Personal safety is the most important element in modern life. This module provides an introduction to communication both verbally and non-verbally. It covers safe communication in all aspects including online. It also includes and introduction to navigation and what to do when we're physically lost.

How to Get Involved


Decide what module or modules you wish to start with (each module consists of x6 hour long sessions that can be run over as many weeks as required depending on how many participants you have).


If you require further information regarding any of the content just give us a call or drop us an email - we would be more than happy to talk you through the structure of the sessions and what to expect.


Once you have all the information, go ahead and call us to book. Then sit back and let us do the work!

Don't Just Take Our Word...

"Today gave me a real insight into different career paths. Tom (The Science/Adventure man), made me see that it's ok to change your mind and not worry...he was very interesting" 

Yr 10 student, Weavers Academy

"My favourite activity was the body game outside with the ropes, passing oxygen and carbon dioxide to each other. I enjoyed this the most  because it helped me learn how the body works but was also fun"

Freya Ainsworth, age 11

"I thought both days were very interesting, enabling me to expand my knowledge further of life outside education"

Yr 10 student, Weavers Academy

 "Tom and Rachel were able to really engage the students in all the activities on offer. The students were able to develop not only their understanding of science but also their communication and teamwork skills. I highly recommend getting Adventure Science into any school!" 

Miss Hannah Spencer, Head of Science, Redmoor Academy 

The Healthy Heart activity outside was great as we got taught a lot but in a really fun way"

Yr 7 student, Redmoor Academy

 "Thank you to Tom and Rachel from #AdventureScience the girls had THE BEST #BigAdventure this week. They loved every minute and can't wait for the next one! Fun, learning and fresh air. Ticks all my boxes!! Highly recommended "

Sophia Asten.

Who We Are

Tom Evans Co-Founder 

As the son of a Biochemistry graduate and Science teacher, I have always been encouraged and enthused about Mother Nature's wonders. Spending my childhood holidays exploring the rockpools and coastlines of West Wales as one of four brothers, it was inevitable that I would develop a lifetime passion for the outdoors lifestyle and a desire to learn and appreciate the natural elements of our world.

At school I continued my passion for Sciences and eventually went on to graduate from Leicester Medical School as a doctor in 2001. From there, I went on to join the Navy as a Medical Officer, specialising in 'extreme environmental medicine' and working in the ‘Diving and Hyperbaric’ area. 

My enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure naturally developed during this period. Upon leaving the Navy in 2008, I decided to return to Northamptonshire and enter General Practise. During this time, I have been active in promoting 'health & wellbeing' to schools and have attended and led various 'Health Days' within schools around the county as well as supporting Key Stage 4 pupils in applying for medical school.  

I have also more recently become a STEM Ambassador where I have been involved with promoting core science skills at schools. 

My drive and enthusiasm for these subjects, combined with my outdoor experiences and training led to the creation of the ‘Foundations For Life’ programme and most recently co-founding Adventure Science.  

Being able to deliver the mission statement to as many children as possible is key to me. Being able to teach and encourage future generations that even if they do not follow traditional science as a career, it's natural to appreciate science as a foundation for everyday life. 

Rachel Gordon Co-Founder

Born and raised in a natural 'Area of Outstanding Beauty' (Snowdonia), as the daughter of an international mountaineering guide and Founding Member of the local Mountain Rescue team, I was exposed to the elements of survival from an early age. 

Although my career path led me to London to study Politics and Social Sciences, I have always maintained a passion for the outdoors and would utilise every opportunity to travel and explore in my spare time. 

Following university, I embarked on a year-long trip that took me around South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and as far as Vanuatu. This experience was invaluable to my appreciation of being able not just to survive, but to thrive using basic elements of communication and adapting to environmental changes and language barriers. 

The last 15 years have been spent working in the IT industry, where I have gained a wealth of knowledge heading up marketing and PR departments. These transferable skills are now being used to co-found and evolve Adventure Science alongside my partner. Together I believe we share a mutual passion for making this subject innovative, fun, interactive and inclusive to all by combining our life skills, experiences and credentials. 

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